Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Harrisonburg/Shenandoah KOA May 2106

Notes about KOA and Harrisonburg

  • About 20 Minutes from Harrisonburg but a nice drive
  • Route 11 or Interstate 81 will get you back into Harrisonburg depending on where you want to go
  • KOA has one bath house but it was really clean and has three showers
  • D17 was a nice tent site and was really isolated from the ones next to us
  • No water or electric at tent sites but water was a short walk away so that was not a problem
  • Places to Visit
    • On the drive up there is an antique store at the intersection of 151 and 250
    • Paulies Pig Out on 151 is the best BBQ I have eaten
    • Grand Caverns (We have been)
    • Endless Caverns
    • Luray Caverns (We have been)
    • Frontier Museum
    • Downtown Harrisonburg
    • Skyline Drive
      • Stony Man (hiked 2011, 2016)
      • The Falls (hiked 2011)
      • The AT runs along a lot of Skyline
      • To camp on Skyline you will need a permit
      • There are some campgrounds on Skyline and would be a good place for an overnight hiking/camping experience for beginners

Friday - We left home on Friday morning about 10 o'clock made a couple of stops and I arrived at the campground around 2 o'clock. We took our time setting up camp rested for a little while and then had supper. For supper we had pork ribs cooked in tomatoes with a little broccoli and corn bread. I was able to bring my new hammock and test it out and I really like it. After dinner we went to the movies and saw Captain America Civil War. After the movie we went to Walmart picked up a few supplies came back to camp and went to bed.



Saturday - we slept in this morning because we were out so late last night. For breakfast we had egg sandwiches with provolone cheese and bacon. After breakfast we going up to Skyline Drive and hiked Stony man Trail. We took round 11 up to Skyline Drive and then make a right onto 11 and it was a pretty good drive. Coming back we did not have the opportunity to stop anywhere because we had to meet Matthew. We spent the afternoon with Matthew doing a little shopping downtown and then went to the mall. Afterwards we had dinner at a German restaurant call Black Forest. After dinner and I came back to the campsite and I finally was able to start a campfire. Soon after we had s'mores we just couldn't help ourselves.




Sunday - We had pancakes with fried apples for breakfast. We went to worship service with Matthew at Freedom Baptist Church and Pastor Dale Goodwin preached on how we were to put Jesus first and he was starting a series on the 10 commandments. After service we went back to Matthews place and we had lunch there and spent some time with him. About three we went back to campsite and it was a slow steady rain falling. I started reading my book and as I did the rain became heavier. I will need to purchase a larger tarp, at least 12'x12'. We decided to go catch a movie since the rain did not look like it was going to let up. We went to see Xmen and ate popcorn in the theater. Afterwards we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had the House Sampler and a Strawberry Lemonade and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We went back to camp and the rain had let up enough that we were able to get in the tent without getting soaked.




Monday - I was up at 4am today, don't know why. The rain had stopped and the sun looked like it was going to come out. I started a large fire to get warm and I wanted a fire. I made my first Facebook Live Video this morning as well. It was of my campfire and me having coffee. I got Amy up about 7am and we started breakfast which consisted of eggs, beef sausage and real hasbrowns. After breakfast we started breaking down camp and by the time we were done everything was dry and that made our day. We left to meet Matthew at Starbucks for drinks and brunch. We left Harrisonburg about noon and headed for Lynchburg. We arrived in Lynchburg about 2pm and visited with Louise until 5pm. We meet Nicole at Cracker Barrel for supper and then headed home. We arrived home about 7pm.