Chuck Box




This chuck box was built when Troop 378 built their chuck box. I made one for myself to take when our family went camping. Originally it was a bigger box, but we have since modified it, so it can be handled by one person. This will fit in the trunk of most cars and stand upright in the bed of a standard pickup.

One of the items in the chuck box is our stove. We used to use a two burner unit but it was heavy and we realized that we did not use the 2 burners much, only 1. We had this expanding set of legs that we used with trash bags and an aluminum griddle. The griddle was scratched up so bad at one point that we were going to throw it away, but I got this 'bright idea'. I attached the griddle to the expanding legs with 2 bolts and wing nuts. I then cut a hole in the griddle to accommodate a single burner stove, called a scout stove. This allows the burner to sit flat on the griddle, and we attach it with a single bolt. A single propane tank lasts us about 2-3 weekend camping trips. The back of the unit serves as a trash bin using plastic grocery bags. The chuck box no longer has legs, so we usually mount it on the end of a picnic table and secure it with a web strap. If there is no table, we use the expanding legs to hold the box and just cook on the single burner without the griddle attachment. 



When the chuck box is setup is should look close to what you see above, although is varies from camping trip to camping trip. 

Here is a list of what is carried in the box.


  • Top Shelf
    • Expanding legs
    • 4 plastic cups (seldom used unless we have guests) (below nested inside)
      • Ash container stored inside top cup
    • Plastic coffee cup (David) (below nested inside)
      • Clorox bottle inside top cup
    • Small porcelain coffee cup (guests)
    • Large porcelain coffee cup (Amy) (below nested inside)
      • 2 flashlights (batteries are not stored in lights) stored inside
    • 2 LED Lanterns (batteries are not store in lanterns)
    • Dawn dish detergent
    • Radio (no batteries)
    • First Aid Kit (below nested inside)
      • Waterproof band-aids
      • Blistex
      • Tylenol
      • Allergy pills
      • Neosporin


    • Table cloth
    • Campsite sign
    • Bluetooth Speaker and Charger
    • Cutting Board
    • Loaf Bread Container (below nested inside)
      • Table cloth clips
      • Multi Tool
      • Pot handle (one handle for all pots listed below)
      • Small burner for butane canister (just in case we need a second burner)
      • Stainless cup for kitchen utensils (below nested inside)
        • Metal Turner
        • Metal spoon
        • Metal slotted spoon
        • Plastic spoon
        • Plastic Slotted spoon
        • Grater
        • Mini Spatula
        • Multipurpose knife
        • Fillet knife
        • Lighter
        • Paper towel rod
        • 2 marshmallow forks
        • Tongs
        • Can opener

  • Bottom Shelf
    • Aluminum Pot (below nested inside)
      • Plastic mixing/serving bowl
      • 2 qt non-stick pot and lid
      • 1 qt non-stick pot
      • 4 cereal bowls
      • Utility knife
      • Pencil sharpener (for shaving sticks for fire starter)
      • Military can opener for backup
      • Fire Starter stick
      • Fold up Frisbee

    • Four plates
    • Stand for propane (lantern or stove)
    • 2 camp propane tanks

    • 2 ice cream bin or small dishpans (below nested inside)
      • Camp (welding) gloves
      • 2 pot holders (missing from pic)
      • Eating utensils (service for 4)
      • Strap for box
      • Burner and bolts
      • butane canister
      • clothes line
      • plenty of carabiner clips
      • clothes pins
      • 1/4 cup stainless steel cup
      • thermometer
      • Stainless Steel Scrubber
    • Game box
      • dominoes
      • cards
      • checkers
      • chess
      • backgammon
    • 2 American flags

    • Flexible cutting board
    • the cook stove top (behind flexible board in picture above)

We both love our chuckbox, but I guess I am really proud of how we have 'trimmed down' what we carry. I jokingly tell people we have everything in the box we need, even the kitchen sink. Push come to shove, I could live out of this box and a tent if I had to.

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