Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Shenandoah Valley Campground Review (10/7-10/10)

 Heading out for Final Trip w/North Pole

Friday, October 07, 2022

We arrived at Shenandoah Valley Campground around 5pm and checked in. We were at staying at site 39 and had 20 sticks of wood sent to the site. It took us about an hour to set everything up, but it was a nice and level site with plenty of room.

I started on supper, and we made this one fairly simple. 1 can of cooked chicken, 1 can of mixed vegetables cooked together in a fry pan with a little Mrs. Dash and Soy Sauce. We included a can of beets. 

After supper, I just relaxed around the fire and enjoyed a quiet evening. 

There were some clouds in the sky and the moon tried to peek through once in a while.

Saturday, October 08, 2022

Saturday we had to leave early and pick up Matthew, and we headed to Forest, Va. There was a family event going on, and we attended. We were happy to see Nicole, Daniel and Ruth.


After the event, we took Matthew to Cracker Barrel to have lunch. While we were there we picked up some corn muffins to have Sunday with the homemade chili.

That evening, after returning to camp, I saw a Blue Heron in the river. I was able to watch him for about an hour.

Our neighbor, Vicki, had he dog with her and his name was Honey. He really loved attention.

While we were at Cracker Barrel, I found a sign that I had been looking for. While camping, it will travel with us but during the Holiday season, it will be at home.

This evening it turned off cold and I had to put on the "Big Coat".

No clouds this evening and the moon was full.

Sunday, October 09, 2022


It was in the 30's this Sunday morning, so I cooked outside and we ate inside. For breakfast, we had pancakes, summer sausage and fruit. 

We dressed and headed to church. We attended service at Victory Baptist Church in Staunton VA.

For lunch we had NY Strip and green beans. 

After lunch I got the fire started and then split the rest of the wood.

I got the pot hung over the fire and started the chili. 

The chili cooked four hours and then we let it sit for 30 minutes before we ate. 

The beans were really good and we even shared with our neighbors.

After supper, Amy and I walked down to the falls.

After dark we continued to enjoy the fire and we even made a few smores'

Monday, October 10, 2022

Another cold morning, but a good hearty breakfast. NY Strip, scrambled eggs and fried toast.

We packed up camp and head for home.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Myrtle Beach State Park Review 9/23-9/26


The North Pole and Sleigh left for Myrtle Beach around 10:30 AM. We made our first stop at the CAT scales in Ringgold to weigh our rig, it was exactly 3500 pounds. Our next stop was a rest stop at milepost 60 on 220 South. This is a really nice place and it has clean restrooms, snack and drink machines and plenty of parking. We then drove on past Rockingham and stopped at the Shell station at the SC border and filled up the Sleigh. Our next stop was Shulers BBQ and Trading Post to pick up some BBQ and coleslaw for supper. 

We made it to the state park about 4:30 PM and checked in. We were at site 25, right next to the main road. It was a little tight to back in, but not impossible. I must remember to pull as close to the site post before making my turn, or the Sleigh could be damaged on the neighbor's fence. We set up the kitchen outside, ran the lights and set up the chairs and signs. Once all this was completed, we decided to walk to the beach. 

It was a beautiful afternoon and the weather was great. To get to the beach you have to walk through a natural marsh along a boardwalk, and then you meet the sand. We snapped a few pictures and headed back for some supper. 

Supper was BBQ from Shulers with Coleslaw and Jolly Green Giant Veggie Tots. This is excellent BBQ, and we stop any time we pass by. This trip also notes a change in our meals and menu. We are working hard to watch our portions as we tend to overeat when we camp. 

Here is a picture of our site at Myrtle Beach State Park. We had moved and leveled the table so we could use the awning if bad weather moved in, but it did not. Our chairs were around the fire ring and our new carpet was being used for the first time. We really love our lights and lots of others do as well, we get compliments every day on the lights.

Firewood is available at the park office, and at this time it was $9.25 a bundle.

Of course, we have smore's every night after dinner. Really hard to beat a good smore.


Saturday, September 24, 2022

What's for breakfast? Scrambled eggs, left over veggie tots, Canadian bacon, toast, avocado and pear apple. It was chilly this morning and we both wore extra clothing until later in the morning. Once the sun was up good, it warmed up.


After the dishes were washed, we decided to go for a walk. That is the nice thing about camping, you just do what you want to when the mood strikes.  The natural coastline along the State Park is just beautiful and teeming with wildlife. 

This giant chair was too irresistible for Amy to ignore, and she just fell in. We both had a good laugh and kept walking. 

This was a beautiful shot of the sun in the morning sky over the ocean and the natural landscape at the park. You can see a couple of palms in the background and the warning flag at the beach entrance. 

Another shot of the landscape.

We came upon another beach entrance and made our way onto the beach. We walked back along the beach line to our location.

This is the concrete walk from the camp parking lot to the beach. On both sides are the natural landscaping and they even have a place for the camp four-wheeler to keep them off the grass. There is a bench and water spigot here to clean your feet and a bike rack. 

More of the natural landscape.

Just enjoying the view.

Amy Leigh got changed and headed for the beach, and I stayed behind to read and relax. Spent the morning puttering around the campsite and getting cleaned up for the day. 

We went to Murrell's Inlet for the afternoon, and we were both disappointed. The marsh walk was nice but you had to pay to park to take a one-hour walk. There were NO shops!! The only thing to do other than enjoy the natural habitat were places to eat and drink. We probably will not go back there.

On the way back to camp, we stopped at Stella's Ice Cream Parlor. Amy had a banana split and I had a brownie sundae. They were both delicious. We stopped in Dollar Tree and Family Dollar to pick up some supplies and then checked out a western store we had passed. 

The name on the marque was "Wild West" and that is what caught our eye. At first, you only see the clothing that they have and it is great quality clothing. I found a vest that I really liked and purchased. At the back of the store was the boot selection. I think this is one of the best selections of boots I have ever seen, especially if you were an EE boot like I do. I was able to find a pair of boots that I have been searching for at this store and I highly recommend you check them out.

For supper, we had Chicken Breasts and Asparagus over Linguine. 


After Supper, we had smore's and enjoyed a campfire.

Before bed, we decided to take a moonlight stroll on the beach. This picture was taken with the night lens.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Breakfast was a little different. We had pancakes with bacon hidden in the middle with fried egg and pear apple.

This is our new carpet for the camper. We wanted it smaller and this is what we purchased.

First stop was the Christmas Mouse to purchase the 2022 ornaments for us and family.

We attended services at Friendship Baptist Church in Myrtle Beach SC. We visit here so much, that they recognize us when we visit.

We went to Nacho Hippo for lunch and I can tell you, we will go back. Those nachos were delicous and the tacos were too! Next time, only two tacos and no sides.


After a brief shopping trip the Market Commons, we went out to the beach for about an hour, it was really windy.

I came back from the beach and did a little rock painting. I left this one at the campsite in hopes that whoever finds it will post and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

For supper we had beef sausage with peppers, onions with butter toast.

Monday, September 26, 2022


We were both up early this morning and wanted to enjoy the sunrise on the beach. I took my coffee and we enjoyed a walk and conversation while the sun came up.

This is our best shot of the morning.

We added the ash from the pit to our bottle that we emptied on Friday night. This is now part of our list of the Spirit of the Fire.

One last look at our site before we packed it in and left. It was a great trip.

Notes about the campground.

  1. The sites
    1. Most sites are fairly level
    2. The road is narrow
    3. Most sites you will have to back in at a 90 degree turn, they are not angled.
  2. The restrooms/shower house
    1. It was clean every time I entered.
    2. This is the lavatory.
    3. This is the shower. 

  3. Access to the park
    1. Access to the beach was paved all the way to the sand
    2. Access to the rest of the park was either paved or boardwalk
    3. There are hiking trails
    4. There is plenty of space for bikes
    5. 10 mph limit was enforced.