Monday, March 28, 2022

Fairy Stone State Park (3/25-28/2022)

Fairy Stone State Park 

Friday, March 25, 2022

This is our first camping trip for the year, but not our last! We both left work at 2pm and headed home to hitch up and leave. We had a few last minute items to put in Dog-House-1, (the name of our camper), before we could leave. I have been letting Amy help me get the camper hitched and unhitched, so she is more familiar with the process. We made it to the campground with no problems and started setting up camp around 4:30pm. There were not very many people in the campground when we got there, but by dark there were several more. 

It was time for supper, and we had brought with us some USDA beef patties that Tom and Myra Keatts of Cascade are now selling. We cooked them up on the fire with our new Lodge Cast Iron Grill Topper, and it worked great. 

We ate supper at the picnic table and the menu included; Cheeseburgers on Keto Bread, Little Green Giant Cauliflower Tots, Pork-N-Beans and Sliced Tomatoes.

After dark, we made our favorite camp dessert, smores. This evening we just used graham crackers, milk chocolate and of course, marshmallows.

We hung up our new outdoor lights and were very pleased with them.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

We slept in this morning and did not get in a rush. We perked a pot of coffee before we ever got out of the bed. Not only that, but we used the Apple Flavored coffee from the Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge. I went out to start breakfast and on the menu was scrambled eggs, Jimmy Dean Sausage, hash browns and toast. 

It had turned off cold this morning, so I used a heater while cooking, and we ate our meal inside Dog House 1.

We did not do much this morning but mess around the campsite, but we did meet our neighbors, Richard and Bryan, more about them later. We ate lunch about noon and the menu included, Brunswick stew and crackers. 

We left after lunch and drove to Floyd, VA. As we drove up route 8, I told Amy that I thought it might be raining. Well, it turns out it was snow!! It was pouring snow all the way up the mountain, but fortunately it stopped after we got to Floyd. We took some pictures, hoping to get the snow.

 We shopped in Floyd for several hours and visited several interesting shops. Here are some pictures of some of them. 

This is the Sacred Star and Stone, and they have plenty of gemstones and rocks. I had been looking for a small leather change purse and I found one in this store. 


Our next stop was the New Mountain Mercantile, and we found some cheese knives that we purchased.

Our next stop was the Barking Dog Pottery where my wife purchased a beautiful coffee mug and some hand cream made from lard. They also sell fresh pork that is grown on their farm. 

We stopped at the famous Floyd Country Store and looked around, and then purchased some candy and a Santa for my truck. He is riding in the front windshield now. 

When we got back to camp, we started supper and a fire. For supper, we had what we call a "one bowl meal". This one included chicken, frozen mixed vegetables and Palmini rice.

We spent the evening around the fire and had a new variation of smores. We used chocolate covered graham crackers with our marshmallows, and they were delicious.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Today we had to get up early so we could get ready for worship service at 11am. 

For breakfast this morning we had pancakes, bacon and fruit.

We had planned to drive to our own church, but because of gas prices, we decided to go to a local church. We went to Fairy Stone Church which was about 6 miles from the campground. Their music is contemporary, and the message was from the word of God. Enjoyed the message and the fellowship.

After we returned to camp, we had lunch and on the menu was another "one-pot meal". This one was salmon, asparagus, cucumber, onions, green peppers and baby carrots seasoned with Tonis. 

After lunch, we went for a hike. We started up Mountain View Trail and came back on Little Falls Trail. Amy tripped and fell on a root and scared me to death, but other than that it was uneventful. The scenery was beautiful and the trail fairly clear. 


When we returned from our hike, we decided to make a pot of decaf coffee and invite the neighbors over for a cup. We met Richard and Bryan on Saturday morning, and here is the way we met. My wife seen their camp, and they were sleeping in backpacking hammocks swinging between the trees, and I was admiring their camp setup. She asked me the following question, "are they crazy?". So being the good husband I am, I went to find out if they were crazy or not. They of course admitted to being crazy and then introduced themselves. They were both from North Carolina and were up for the weekend to do some hiking. We talked Sunday evening around a cup of coffee for nearly an hour. I really enjoyed our conversations with them, and this is one of the reasons I enjoy campgrounds. We meet complete strangers, but you depart as friends. 
Richard (left) and Bryan (right)

That evening, the wind had died down, and I was able to cook a good supper. The menu was garlic beef sausage and potato cooked in onions and bacon, with green beans cooked in onions and bacon. 


That night we had a good fire because the wind had died down so much. We also had a different variation of smores, we used cookies and crème candy instead of chocolate. 
I highly recommend them!!


Here are two videos of our favorite TV station. 
This one is a standard video.

This one is in slow motion.

Here are some more pictures from Sunday evening.




Monday, March 28, 2022

COLD! Yes, it was cold. It was around 27 degrees at the campsite! I got up and stayed inside with a cup or two of coffee and read some in my book while Amy kept sleeping. I did wake her around 8am, so we could get going with breakfast. While she got ready, I fixed us some scrambled eggs, spam and tomato. 

After breakfast, I started to clean up camp and get ready to come home. It took less than two hours to break camp, hitch up and leave. Keep in mind, I was in no hurry, but everything went in its place before we left. 


Friday Supper 

Burgers, Pork-n-Beans, Cauliflower Tots 

Bagel Buns, Loaf Bread, Condiments

Saturday Breakfast 

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Potato, Fruit 

3 eggs, pre-cooked bacon, small potato, apple, banana or avocado 

Saturday Lunch 

Stew, Crackers 

Can of Brunswick Stew, Crackers 

Saturday Supper 

Chicken Stir-Fry 

Chicken (2 Cans), Frozen bag of stir fry veggies, Palmini Rice 

Sunday Breakfast 

Pancakes, Sausage, Fruit 

Pancake mix, pre-cooked sausage, apple, banana or avocado 

Sunday Lunch 

Salmon, and Veggies 

Can of Salmon (2), Fresh Veggies 

Sunday Supper 

Garlic Sausage, Green Beans, Palmini Potatoes 

Garlic Sausage link, Canned green beans, mashed Palmini seasoned with cheese and garlic 

Monday Breakfast 

Scrambled Eggs, Spam, Fruit 

3 eggs, Spam, apple, banana or avocado 

Monday Lunch 

Spam Sandwich and Chips 

Leftover Spam on Sandwich with some chips. 

Suggestions from our Experience

We stayed at site 43, and it was really level and a pull through. We walked the ring and noted that #3, #30 and #36 were pull through sites that looked nice too. #39 is a back in site, but we liked the layout.

The bath house was in the center of the campground, and it was a nice and clean facility. The restrooms are on one side of the building and there are 5 private showers on the opposite side. 

There are enough hiking trails to keep you moving the whole weekend, so take advantage of them.

The camp store has firewood, ice and even hunting and fishing licenses for sale. We did not take advantage of the lake due to the cold weather, but I know a lot of folks who like going there.

Trail Guide

Facilities Guide

Emergency information

Rules and Regulations