Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mt. Airy N.C.

This was our first Day Trip of 2017 and we had fun. We drove to Mt. Airy N.C. after breakfast on Saturday, April 15th. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive and it is through beautiful farm country. Take 58 to Stuart VA and then get on Rt. 8 South. A few miles out of Stuart you take a right on 103 and that takes you all the way into Mt. Airy.

The first place we visited was the Andy Griffith Museum. It was small but had a lot of artifacts from his shows. I really liked reading a news clipping they had framed on the wall and I even took a picture of it. Outside the museum is a bronze statue of Andy and Opie that was donated by a cable TV channel. Amy and I had our pictures taken with it. In the basement of the building was two huge murals painted on the walls to represent Mayberry. They also had some other artifacts from characters on the show. In another building, they had a room dedicated to Thelma Lou and her career. It takes a little over an hour to go through the museum.



After we finished touring the museum, we headed over to Main Street. As we were walking along, the 'Deuptys Car' came by and blew his siren, that was cool. The first place we ran into was 'Snappys' and we were able to walk right in and get a seat. If we had waited a few more minutes we would have had to wait in a line. We both ordered the famous pork chop sandwich and it was good. While we were eating I noticed the bird houses that were hanging up and they had wrapped them in Coke Can Siding and I thought that was really ingenious. After we ate, we walked up and down Main and stopped in many shops. Amy purchased a Christmas ornament for the tree and we both ate an ice cream cone as we were leaving. We purchased the ice cream from Opies Candy Store next to Snappys.



We left around 9am and returned home about 3:30pm. We both had a good time. We will probably visit again without going to the museum, unless they have something special going on. Thanks Mt. Airy for a good day.