Sunday, October 27, 2019

Halloween Myrtle Beack KOA Weekend Sunday, October 27th

We woke this morning a little before 7am and I went to get a shower. Amy woke after I got back and we started breakfast. We had wraps with eggs, mushrooms, cheese and ham. We finished packing up the truck and went to Big Lots and shopped before church. We both picked up a few holiday decorations.

 We attended services as Friendship Baptist Church, which is where we normally go when in Myrtle Beach. They do not have a Pastor at this time and there was a missionary filling in who is from Hati. He preached a message on Blind Bartimeus and he did a great job. 

We left church and went to River City Cafe to eat lunch. We split a bacon cheeseburger, french fries and chicken nuggets. The chicken nuggets were made from chicken breast and they were really good.

After lunch we drove to Tanger Outlets on 501 went to Carolina Pottery. I found a couple of hats that were cool for the holidays and then we headed home.

We arrived home and put up all the camp gear and ate supper from Dellanos.

Halloween Myrtle Beack KOA Weekend Saturday, October 26th

We slept in rather late on Saturday, did not get up until 8:30am. I got up and showered then got the coffee brewing before getting Amy up. We had eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and an apple for breakfat.
Amy and I rode our bikes around the campground after breakfast and looked at the different site decorations. There were several really good ones that went all out for Halloween. I think the Peanuts site was our favorite though.

By this time Amy was ready to go to the beach and sit out for awhile. We had just left the KOA parking lot when Amy realized she had forgotten her sunscreen. I had to turn around and go back because we did not want a repeat of last year. 
While she was on the beach i went for a bike ride. I rode up to the Bowery and back again. I stopped several times to look at the ocean and feel the breeze upon my face. 
When I got back I read the Star Tribune and then used it to start the fire. I had a lot of cooking to do and wanted to get a good bed of coals going. 
First thing I wanted to try was cornbread. We had purchased a small  packet that only needed to have water added. I was going to use my 2 pan set and cook the bread. It did OK but it had been so long since I cooked with coals I forgot something very important. I did not put coals on the top of the pan. It did cook okay though it was a little doughy.
Next I had to get the cobbler on and going. We  used the small pot for this and I remembered to put the coals on the top this time. It turned out very well and we shared with a couple across the way.
All this time Amy was enjoying herself on the beach and she returned about 3:30, just in time to eat about 4pm.
After we had eaten, it was time for the kids to walk around in their costumes and collect candy. We gave out 450 pieces of candy and the kids had a good time. Bob Bones and I enjoyed watching the kids and they got a kick out of him and me.
We went back to camp and cleaned up and sat around the fire for a while longer. It was starting to get dark and we drove down to the Boardwalk and spent a little time together.  After that we drove up the strip and then down to the Christmas mouse. On the way back we stopped for gas at the Walmart on 17. 
We packed up most everything after getting back. The decorations, chairs, food and etc. that would not be needed the next morning. They are calling for rain and we did not want to pack up so much stuff in the rain. Tomorrow we head home after church services.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Halloween Myrtle Beack KOA Weekend Friday, October 25th

We left home at 7:10 am on Friday morning to head out for a short weekend trip. We had packed up most things the night before with only 2 suitcases and a cooler to pack before leavning. We drove to Ridgeway and ate breakfast at Clarences Steakhouse. I had the tenderloin and eggs and Amy had bacon and eggs. The tenderloin was really good and I had enough left over to make two biscuits that we had for lunch. Our next stop was Rockingham for a short bathroom break and another cup of coffee. Just past Bennetsville is MacArthur Farms and that was our second stop. We purchased some fresh apples, potatos and a pumpkin to have for the weekend. We left the farm and headed to Schulers BBQ and Trading Post. Here we found some Muscadine Grape Juice, which is difficult to find, and purcahsed 3 bottles. I also purchased some Charleston Chews and BBQ for supper. We arrived at the campground around 2pm, after we  had picked up groceries at WalMart.

 Here is what our campsite looked liked before we unpacked and decorated for the weekend. 
And now here is an after look. We hung ghosts up around the porch with orange lights. We put Bob Bones in his chair with our sign welcoming all to the campsite. 

After we set up camp, we headed to the beach to take a walk and pick up a few shells.
 The weather was really nice and if it had not be so late (5pm) Amy would have gotten into the water. We walked about 2 miles and according to Fitbit, we burned off over 500 calories. We were both hungry when we got back to camp, so I started supper. We had BBQ from Schulers, French Fries from fresh white potatoes and smores.
We both just sat around the campfire and talked, read Facebook and watched the kids around camp trying to scare each other.  We later carved our pumpkin and lit him up.
We both turned in about 10am.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Myrtle Beach September 13-15, 2019

Friday, Sept. 13, 2019

Left home at 2pm and arrived at cabin 9 around 6:45. We ran into traffic in Greensboro and Conway. After we started setting up we discovered that we left the cook stove at home. We went to Walmart and purchased a new one. Simple stew and rolls for supper and a small fire after the storm. 
We had a good nights sleep and awoke around 7am. There is no hot water here at the Kampground so we had to take cold showers.


Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019

We both slept late this morning and woke around 7am. We discovered that there was no hot water in the bathhouse and I had to take a cold shower. It woke me up but not something I care to repeat. When I arrived back at the cabin, Amy was up and ready for coffee. We finished off some coffee and left for the beach. We walked for about an hour along the shore. The waves were really rolling and I believe they were the largest white caps I have seen here. There were broken shells along the shoreline that have been washed up from the hurricane last week and the one currently churning in the Atlantic. We came on back to camp and started breakfast. We had beef sausage, eggs and fruit. I took Amy back to the beach after breakfast, so she could sit out in the sun. I came back to camp and read the newspaper, gathered some firewood and the just walked the campground.  Amy called and I picked her up at 1pm and then took her to a different bathhouse so she could get a hot shower. We at lunch which consisted of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, pringles and cookie. Amy called her cousin, Susan Farmer, and we spent the afternoon with her and her husband at their beach house. When we left there we went to Bass Pro Shop where I was looking for a natural sharpening stone for my chuck box, but they did not have any. We came back to camp by a different route. We used 31 and that was nice because we missed all the traffic on 17. We started supper when we got back and it was a good one. Beef and shrimp with sweet potato cubes tossed in butter and cinnamon with green peas and roll. We got the campfire started and we had s'mores for dessert and they were good. We got into bed on time this night, 10pm.



Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019

We both slept well last night. I was up a little after 5 but laid in bed until the alarm went off at 6am. Amy is still asleep and I will let her rest while I enjoy the peace and quiet of a sleeping campground. I got Amy up around 7:30 and we had coffee, eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast, we broke camp and made ready to leave for home. We left around 10 am and headed for Tanger on 501, Amy wanted to see the Carolina Pottery store. We left for home about 12 pm and only stopped twice. Got home in time for the special service for licensing Justin to preach the gospel.