Monday, June 20, 2022

KOA Natural Bridge/Lexington 6/17-6/20


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Friday, 6/17/2022

We pulled into the KOA Natural Bridge/Lexington about 1:15pm on Friday afternoon. We stayed in site 68 and the staff were very friendly and helpful. We give them a 5 out of 5 rating on the candy cane scale. All of their facilities are clean, they deliver the firewood to your site and the pool was clean.


We had a small natural disaster (it could have been a lot worse) and they were out immediately after to clean up and check on the campers to be sure everyone was alright. The limb I am holding in the picture missed the back corner of our camper by 12", we were blessed.

For supper, we had Italian Sausage in rice and tomato pesto. The fire was a nice comfort after a long day 

Saturday, 6/18/2022


Breakfast this morning was an Apple, Sweet Potato Scramble bowl that I got from Fresh Off The Grid It was delicious and filling.


We just relaxed around the campground today and started with some reading and relaxing.


We decided to take a dip in the pool, it was a nice day for a swim.


After our dip in the pool, we painted rocks and hid them for the kids to find and win prizes.


We then played BINGO and we both won some prizes. Supper was really nice, my son came down for a visit. We had grilled pork loin with green beans and potatoes.

We had a good time talking, and we even goofed around a little. 

Sunday, 6/19/2022

Breakfast was simple this morning, pancakes and Spam.


For Sunday worship, we joined the folks at Faith Baptist Church and we had a good time there. After service, we ate Spam sandwiches and cheese chips for lunch.

Natural Bridge State Park was our next stop, and all I can say is that God is a great architect.

We were able to witness a wedding at Natural Bridge on our way out, that was a once in a lifetime experience.


Mrs. C. loves bears and could not resist getting her picture with theirs.


Simple night by the fire, chilling and enjoying our s'mores.

Monday, 6/20/2022


Breakfast before we leave consists of eggs and sausage.


We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch on the way home.


  1. Staff is very friendly and helpful
  2. Bath house and showers are extremely nice and kept clean.
  3. No mud in the road, but you may encounter some at various sites.
  4. You will need to be prepared to do some leveling at your sites for campers. They even provide some leveling boards at some sites.
  5. There are plenty of activities there and are well supervised.
  6. The dump station is easily accessible on your way out.
  7. Plenty of attractions within 5 minutes to an hour away.

This has become a favorite of ours and we will be returning to this campground.