North Pole Checklists

Copy and Paste in AnyList in the RV Folder. Should be two list, one for leaving home and one for leaving campsite.

2 Way Radios are working
Water heater OFF
Water pump OFF
Fresh water tank filled (if needed)
Waste water tanks checked, emptied as needed
Cook top turned off
Drawers, closets, cabinet doors closed
Refrigerator door locked
Windows closed/latched
Dinette table stowed
Canopy retracted, checked
Close roof vents
Secure all cargo in storage compartments
Turn off Propane
Stow camping equipment
Turn off campground panel box (BE SURE ELECTRIC WATER HEATER IS TURNED OFF)
Disconnect all shore lines (city water, electric, sewer, cable/internet)
Open Low Drain lines if desired
Stow hoses and cables
Air Compressor in Truck
Air Pump in Camper
Make sure TPMS sensors are on tires and display is charged
Check and adjust tires (including spare) to proper pressure 60psi (camper) and 35psi (truck)
Check tires for excessive wear & cracks
Check wheel lug nuts for proper torque 80 ft lbs
Latch and lock all compartment doors
Evenly distribute gear from front to back
Stow entry steps
Lock entry door & stair rail
Raise stabilizer jacks
Hitch up and use locking pin
Cross Chains and attach
Attach emergency brake
Attach TPMS Booster and verify it is getting power
Attach power cable to truck
Check and adjust brakes as needed  (20)
Check all lights
Remove wheel chocks
Drive off Anderson Leveler
One more walk around
Dump Station if needed
Activate or Deactivate Vacation Routine on Alexa
House alarm

Copy and Paste in AnyList in the RV Folder. Should be two list, one for arriving home and one for arriving at campsite.

Find suitable place to park
Turn on Levelmate
Level with Anderson Leveler (David needs to chock)
Chock opposite wheel (David needs to chock)
Put in Neutral to loosen hitch
Remove chains, emergency brake and power cable
Disconnect TPMS booster
Level front to back
Remove TPMS if extended stay
Run Water line (if applicable) (40-50 PSI)
Run Sewer line (if applicable)
Run TV cable (if applicable)
Turn off breaker in panel box
Connect PMS first and check electrical connection
Run Electric line and lock PMS (if applicable)
Turn on propane
Open door and lower steps
Check all cabinets to fix any items that may have moved during travel
Deactivate Vacation Routine on Alexa (Home)
Attach Battery Tender (Home)

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