Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Blackwater Creek Trail Review, Lynchburg VA

Trails of Blackwater Creek

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We were late getting to our destination, but we arrived around 2 PM. It was overcast, but there was no rain. We met up with my daughter and granddaughter at Hollins Mill Park, 521 Hollins Mill Road Lynchburg, VA 24503. There was parking, picnic tables, grills, and you can put in your canoe there as well. 

From this location at Hollins Mill Park, you can take your pick of several trails. You can access the Point of Honor Trail, Blackwater Creek Trail and the Kemper Station Trail (Information on each below).

From the Park we took the Blackwater Creek Trail from milepost 2 and walked to the end at milepost 3. This took us down the creek, through the Hollins Mill Tunnel and up to the train tracks and the skateboard park. 


We rested for a bit at the Point of Honor Bridge and then headed back the way we came.


By the time we were finished, we had walked approximately 3.5 miles in about 90 minutes. The pace was a little slower than normal but we were taking in the sites along the way.

Here are some observation from a novice's point of view and we will be visiting this trail again.

  • Paved surfaces were easy to walk on 
  • Wide enough for 4 people to walk side by side
  • You will find runners, walkers, bike riders and dogs with their owners on this trail system.
  • Several entrances to the trails
  • Parking may be scarce if weather is nice
  • There are trash bins on the trail
  • There are Porta-Potties on the trail
  • The signs made it easy to keep up with the trail you are on and the mileage.

The following is from the Trail Website.

Check out the trail safety and etiquette page for important information about staying safe on the trails, and how to have a good experience while traveling on the trails.

The Blackwater Creek Trail

The Blackwater Creek Trail is one of the most popular trails in the city. Following along the winding Blackwater Creek and built along an abandoned railway bed, this 3-mile paved trail is perfect for jogging, walking, or biking. It trail travels through a lovely urban forest, and is intersected at various points with earthen trails that allow visitors to delve deeper into the forested area and enjoy the many plants and wildlife species inhabiting it.

Trail Entrances: 

  • Ed Page – 1720 Langhorne Road
  • East Randolph Place – 340 East Randolph Place
  • Downtown Lynchburg –  Jefferson St. and 8th St.
  • Linkhorne Middle School – 2525 Linkhorne Drive (Limited hours.)

Point of Honor Trail

The Point of Honor trail section is a 1.5 mile spur off of the Blackwater Creek Trail, traveling past the historic Point of Honor home before connecting to the entrance of RiverWalk and back to the eastern end of the Blackwater Creek Trail. Point of Honor is a historic home, situated on a point of land in the Daniel’s Hill neighborhood overlooking the James River.  The trail also passes through scenic Hollins Mill Park.

Trail Entrance:

  • Downtown Lynchburg – Jefferson St. and 8th St.
  • Blackwater Creek Trail Mile 2

Kemper Station Trail

The Kemper Station Trail section joins the Blackwater Creek Trail near mile marker 2.0 and ends at the historic Kemper Street Train Station, connecting trail users to Lynchburg’s Midtown neighborhood and Miller Park. The Kemper Station trail section was dedicated on March 30, 2006.

Trail Entrances:

  • Kemper St. and Park Ave.
  • Blackwater Creek Trail Mile 2

Creekside Trail

Beginning at the Blackwater Creek Athletic Area, this earthen trail follows Blackwater Creek for approximately five miles. Located in a steep-sided stream valley, the Creekside Trail provides the perfect place to search for early spring woodland wildflowers, birding opportunities, and year-round wildlife observation. 

Trail Entrances:

  • Blackwater Creek Athletic Area
  • Point of Honor Trail

Ruskin Freer Loop

This 115 acre preserve is named in honor of Ruskin Freer, a noted teacher of biology at Lynchburg College who inspired generations of individuals to love and protect wildlife.  The preserve is located near the center of the Blackwater Creek Natural Area and shows various stages of plant growth marked by five interpretive signs and 36 plant identification signs along the loop trail.

Trail Entrance:

  • The Ruskin Freer Loop Trail can be accessed at different points along the Blackwater Creek Trail.